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We are a group of Michigan State students who share a love for dressage. This club is for all Michigan State students interested in competing in dressage or even just learning how to ride. We compete against other schools at all levels in intercollegiate competition.


This club represents the Michigan State University Department of Animal Science and the Michigan State University Horseman's Association. We were founded in 2006 by Erin Tans and the club continues to develop into a dynamic community of unique students. 


Dressage education will always be our main cornerstone, giving members opportunities to learn through clinics, seminars, and lessons through our coach, Ruth Hill-Schorsch. Ruth's barn, Stapleton Farm, is located in Leslie, MI. Lessons are available for both club and competing team members. For more information, visit www.stapletonfarm.com. 



Meet the Team

2019 - 2020

Liz Liber

First Level Team Member

Melissa Schott
Upper Training Team Member
Lydia Kapeller
Lower Training Team Member
Annie Lesky

Intro Level Team Member

Brooke Boger

Upper Training Reserve Rider

Jennie Soule

Lower Training Reserve Rider

Bridie McClusky

Intro Level Reserve Rider


Go Green, Win Blue

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